Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our family pictures

My entire family got together for a big group picture. We loved the location where I did the previous shoot so much that we all met there. My dad brought his camera to take a few shots and my sister's boyfriend took the group ones after I set everything up. It was a much better arrangement than the set-the-timer-and-run technique that had been previously employed. Especially since my shoes were not of the 'sensible' variety.

My dad, the two Joes and the cutest grandson ever.

My mom and her three girls. My daughter put her foot down and wouldn't be part of this picture.

I never took engagements or bridals of this sister when she got married, so I took lots of pictures of the two of them to make it up to her.

Plus now they have a new addition - a furry clawed one.

I love this picture of my three cuties.

15 phone calls to decide what colors we were wearing, 2 hours of shopping for jeans, probably hundreds of combined miles of driving and 183 pictures later we have the finale - the big group shot.
You guys are awesome! I love you!

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