Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jackie's maternity shots

My ever-so-beautiful sister-in-law Jackie is expecting a little girl in the new year - so it was the perfect time to take some belly pictures of her!

We loved playing around with all the lighting options available in my house - this is my daughter's pretty daybed but we loved the soft pink canopy.

I love the light in this picture but it makes me laugh because we had a black backdrop hanging off the back deck with the barbecue grill right behind her and both my kids running around like little crazies.

I wouldn't have guessed this would turn out as cute as it did - I love the contrast.

I love the bright colors of this one and the light was so fun to play with.

This shot looks so easy-breezy but it was a nightmare. Sheer fabric hanging from the trees, the neighbor's cat attacking everything that moved... we loved how it turned out though.


Anthony and Christel said...

Wow Jeri, these are some of my favorite pics you have taken..and I don't even know your sis in law! lol I also love your family pics, they are great as well. I need ours done!! I'm going to email you.

Christy said...

I love the belly shot with the ultra sound photo!