Monday, October 27, 2008

My own kids

I think most photographers don't do a lot of pictures for their own families. I know I struggle with my two kids. Today I took them both out on the 4-wheeler and saw a location that was perfect. I had to give it a try.

Just a few minutes into this project, I remembered why I don't do their pictures often. They don't listen to me! Threats like "Bart, if you don't smile, you'll get locked into your room until you grow facial hair!" don't really faze him. And Lisa does this thing where she looks anywhere but the camera. Plus, no one can give you fits of the giggles quite like a sibling, especially when you're trying to be serious.

However, in spite of an entire reel of these: do finally get one of these.

Thank heavens for digital photography. Also, click on the collage to view it large - some of our outtakes are real winners.

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